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1)       CD With 86 Credit Dispute Challenging Template Letters For Creditors, Collection Agencies, & Credit Bureaus.

2)        We Will Send Out Your 1st Round Of Dispute Challenging Letters On Your Behalf To All The Proper Agencies.

3)       We Will Send Out Your 2nd, 3rd, & Final Round Dispute Challenging Letters on Your Behalf To All The Proper Agencies.  

4)       Credit & Dispute Education Booklet.

5)       Credit Reporting Resource Guide.

6)       Creditors, Collection Agencies, & Credit Bureaus Address For Disputing Credit Report.

7)       Lawsuit Legal Information Chart.

8)       Guide’s On How To Remove A Tax Lien.

9)       Guide’s On How To Remove An IRS Collection.

10)   “Credit Bureaus Suck” Book .

11)   Free Credit Consultation & Credit Report.

12)   Mortgage Reporting Guidelines.

13)   HAMP Modification Credit Reporting Guidelines.

14)   Loan Modification Overview.

15)   Bank Compliant Modification Paperwork Needed For Approval With All Banks.

16)   We Will HELP YOU prepare your modification package so that you can send it out to the bank for approval. 

17)   Access To our customer service department Mon-Friday 8:30A.M.-5:00 P.M. For Free Advice for a period of 3 months.

18)   Access To Our In House Attorney For Review Of Any Related Issues For A Period Of 3 months.


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